• I am delighted at how well my daughter is developing at OBS Upper School. She really enjoys how respectful our students are with each other, which is a huge contrast with her last school. I am also extremely impressed with how OBS has managed to boost her self-confidence. Thank you.

    L. Burns, Upper School Parent
  • OBS is the perfect choice for us. Our son felt comfortable right from the word go. During our first visit we were already struck by the warm atmosphere and the friendly tone. We had a different experience at other bilingual schools. We were able to watch our son has blossom and clearly gain self-confidence. In addition to the bilingual concept, we especially like that many teachers had other jobs before they became teachers. This shows, on the one hand, that they really want to be teachers and, on the other, that they are therefore able to bring other perspectives to the classroom. The whole team comes across as highly motivated and open to criticism and suggestions. The school does not stagnate but continues to evolve. The fact that OBS now offers not only the Matura but also the opportunity to graduate with an IB, strengthened us in our decision to keep our son in the Upper School at OBS.

    S. Rutsch, OBS Mother
  • Since she was 1 1/2 years old, our daughter has been a student at OBS. She is 11 years old now and still loves the school. What more could you want for your child? She likes to learn and is disciplined in her learning is and also gets good results. She has friends, likes her teachers a lot and has developed her social and inter-personal skills. OBS is great!

    K. Horn, OBS Mother
  • We spent 10 years in Switzerland and our girls attended OBS these 10 years from PreKindergarten to 5th grade for the older one. After coming back to France directly into College for her, we were very happy to see that their academic level and personal development had reached excellent level thanks to all these years in OBS. They both integrated very well and faced no issue on the academic side. We thank OBS for this fantastic environment our girls were able to grow in and for all the academic and social basics they have learned and will continue to evolve with.

    Nous avons passé 10 ans en Suisse, nos filles ont ainsi passé leurs 10 premières années chez OBS du PreKindergarten à la 5ème classe pour la première. Nous venons de rentrer en France, une rentrée directement en 5ème au Collège pour elle et nous avons pu constater que leur niveau académique et leur développement personnel étaient tout à fait en ligne avec le niveau français. Elles se sont très bien intégrées et n’ont fait face à aucun décalage à tous les niveaux (académique, maturité etc). Nous remercions OBS pour cet environnement fantastique dans lequel nos filles ont grandi et pour toutes ces valeurs académiques et sociales avec lesquelles elles vont pouvoir continuer à apprendre.

    Benedicte Besnard
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