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Welcome to OBS

Thank you for visiting our website. We know that choosing the right school for your child is one of the most important decisions, you as parents/guardian, will ever make. The very fact that you are visiting our page means you are looking for a school that offers an education with the future in mind and one which differs from the norm.

Our Mission

Empowering children to face the complex challenges of their future.

Our student-centered and future-oriented approach enables your child to identify and cultivate their strengths.

Committed to an authentic bilingual German and English education of the highest standard, our mission is to prepare your child for their future, to be a critical thinker, an innovator and a leader in an everchanging world.

We inspire and encourage your child to excel and seek academic as well as personal challenges, to discover interests and develop talents, to embrace diversity and build community, to become resilient and uphold their values and contribute to making a difference.

Turning Vision into Reality – the possibilities are endless!

Your child’s journey begins the moment they walk in through the OBS doors, whether they start from Babycare, Primary or Middle/Upper School – your child starts the first stage of their personalised journey – the beginning of a new chapter symbolises the progress of their learning journey which once embarked upon will provide them with life skills to become well-rounded, self-sufficient global citizens. The way we see it is that every child is the navigator of their own journey – how this is structured from the beginning to the end will be determined by learning goals, vision, creativity, opinions, mindfulness and much more. With the valuable guidance of our dedicated staff your child will be able to shape their future and take the next steps to further enrich their personal journey.

Our vision is very much to ensure that when your child leaves OBS that they have the skills to be a self-sufficient individual, and that they have become resilient, critical, independent and creative thinkers, problem solvers, team builders, enthusiastic and active lifelong learners and most importantly continue to live our OBS values.

Our commitment to your child is to prepare them to become caring citizens who will easily adapt to situations they may face in the future.