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Early Years Program


Our Babycare, for children aged between 3 and 24 months, offers a warm, caring and well-equipped environment allowing your children to explore, form their first friendships and develop their natural curiosity and inherent desire to learn. Your child’s caregivers are nurturing child development professionals that are focused on keeping your child happy, engaged and safe and on fostering meaningful partnerships with parents/carers. We consider the social and emotional needs of your child, as well as their need for movement.

Our Babycare team consists of native German and English-speaking teachers giving the children exposure to both languages from a very young age enabling their brains to form the structures that later facilitate the learning of a second language.



Playing Learning and Discovering  

Play is at the heart of our Early Childhood curriculum. Through play your children develop the necessary skills and dispositions that set the foundation for their future learning and a sense of wonder is fostered as they grow socially, emotionally and academically. Play sparks imagination and curiosity allowing your child, at their stage of readiness, to make connections to the real world.   

Self-regulation is fostered. Your child will learn how to learn, to deal with difficult emotions, share, take turns, pay attention and how to be a peer who listens to and interacts positively with their classmates.  

Your child will begin to develop numeracy and literacy skills and will continue to develop their gross and fine motor skills.   

Learning environment  

Our classrooms offer the space, resources and open-ended materials for your child to let their imagination and creativity flow. The curriculum allows for unhurried time so that your child can explore their own interests, try something new, learn from others and solve problems.    

Fresh air, exercise and a balanced diet ensure your child receives the best care and attention possible whilst in the care of OBS. Your child will actively take part in our daily outdoor activities including informative field trips linked to classroom themes, adventures through the forest, and playtime in our classroom gardens.  


We welcome your child into Prekindergarten regardless of their first language. Our experienced and dedicated German and English native-speaking teachers work jointly as a team enabling your child to experience and experiment with both languages. Our teachers guide learning by interacting, observing and listening as your child plays.   


Our Prekindergarten follows a curriculum that promotes bilingualism, international mindedness and independent learning and sets the foundation for a smooth transition into Kindergarten. Part of our offering includes the International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC), that recognises the developing needs of 2-4 years, and provides an innovative and holistic approach to learning   

The IEYC is based on four very important learning strands:  

  • Independence and interdependence  
  • Communication  
  • Enquiring  
  • Healthy living and physical wellbeing. 

Your child will be able to make choices about what and how they learn. Their play will be guided, and learning is process rather than product focused.  They will be engaged in rich conversations and be encouraged to share what they think and what they want to know