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Learning at OBS

OBS is more than just a bilingual school. Your children will design their future, as well as ours, and as a result our goal is to get our students to design their own education. We want them to leave OBS with the creativity, skills and resilience to find solutions to even the hardest challenges and to be able to contribute, rather than consume, and participate in the world with confidence across social and economic boundaries.

At OBS we supplement our classroom learning with educational, cultural and active field trips and camps to help learning come alive. We also support interactive learning through the use of VR (Virtual Reality) education. In addition, both our young and older students have the chance to become “Young Entrepreneurs” and develop their business skills.

The OBS started the project Differentiated Performance Feedback after the spring break. In August, we presented the advantages of differentiated performance feedback at a parents’ evening, which was also video-recorded. The videos are still available for those interested. We would like to see the project continue to receive widespread support, feedback from pupils and parents is needed to clear up any uncertainties. The Parents’ Association has collected questions which we answer in our podcast. The OBS team is happy to answer questions.