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Matura Diploma Program

Our Upper School will prepare your child for completion of their chosen diploma programme and subsequently for higher education opportunities in both German and English and careers that perhaps don’t yet exist as well as for life in a global environment.

The curriculum offers your child exciting learning experiences on a daily basis. Our students expect challenging topics as well as support in achieving their aims with the help of clearly defined learning goals and coaching. Your child will be encouraged to ask questions, to discover, to research and to learn to think independently. They will learn to take responsibility and communicate effectively. We achieve this by consciously selecting teaching formats and striking an appropriate balance between teacher-centred classrooms, individual work, partner work and group work.

Swiss Matura (Eidgenössische) (Bilingual)

The Swiss Matura will prepare your child for all areas of study at university be it in natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, business or the arts. Young people who have passed their Matura exams are open-minded citizens of the world who can analyze complex social and scientific questions on different levels and develop sound solutions through critical inquiry and independent thinking.

Should your child have achieved the Gymnasium level by the end of grade 10 and choose the Matura route they will study mathematics, three languages, three natural sciences, three social sciences and either art or music. Geography, history and either economics or philosophy are examined in English in the bilingual Matura. Additionally, they will complete an independent and comprehensive research paper. Furthermore, they will be asked to choose an area of specialisation (languages, sciences or economics/ business studies).

The Matura enables them to enroll in almost all areas of study at Swiss universities and Federal Institutes of Technology without additional entrance exams. There are a few exceptions, such as medicine and sports, where students must pass specific tests before they can start their studies. The Matura is recognized internationally but some elite universities may require a certain grade point average (GPA).