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OBS + Learning Services

OBS aims to offer a bilingual and future-oriented education to all students whose needs the school can meet. Through OBS+ the school provides equitable access to learning and enables students to pursue excellence in all aspects of their education. 

OBS+ includes the following three core pillars of support: 

  • English as an Additional Language (EAL) 
  • German as an Additional Language (DaZ) 
  • Learning Support (LS) 
  • Counselling Service

After-school support classes in the areas of English, German and Maths are also provided by OBS+. 

The school further supports the social and emotional development of each student through an on-site School Counsellor. 

What is English/German as an Additional Language (EAL/DAZ)?

Definition of an EAL student 

An English as an Additional Language (EAL) student is defined as a student enrolled at OBS who needs additional/targeted English language development support in order to pursue grade-level expectations. 

Definition of a DaZ student 

A German as an Additional Language (DaZ) student is defined as a student enrolled at OBS who needs additional/targeted German language development support in order to reach grade-level expectations. 

The goals for students enrolled in EAL/DAZ are: 

  • to be able to access increasing amounts of the OBS curriculum  
  • succeed in the social and academic environment 
  • receive integrative support, instruction in a small group setting, or occasionally, on an individual basis 
  • to work towards the individually defined goals 

to target the four skills (speaking, reading, listening and writing) 

What is Learning Support (LS)?

Definition of a Learning Support student  

A Learning Support student is a child who is enrolled in the OBS+ programme due to one or more specific learning needs that require specific attention and support.   

What does the Learning Support programme offered through OBS+ look like?  

The Learning Support programme offered by OBS is individualised and factors in specific learning goals that are based on the needs of each enrolled student. The most common areas of learning difficulties that are supported by the Learning Support programme include dyslexia, dyscalculia, ADHD, short-term memory and executive functioning. Only students whose needs can be met are referred for receiving Learning Support.  

Counselling Service

In today’s changing world, children are increasingly under pressure.  

The counselling service at OBS supports students in all areas to help their wellbeing including personal, social and academic development. Our trained counsellors can work with families, students and teachers to support the mental, physical and social wellbeing of children who require this service to ensure that every individual’s time at OBS is a memorable and happy one. 


Support provided by the OBS+ team may be subject to an additional tuition fee. For the most recent tuition fees please contact our Primary School Director of Teaching of Learning, Mr Sam Borek.  

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