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Primary School Program

OBS Primary School offers an immersive 50:50 (English and German) bilingual education. Your child will be instructed in English in one week and then German the next giving them full exposure to all core subjects in both languages.  

Whilst Language & Media (in both English and German) is a key subject, OBS is committed to providing your child with a holistic and well-rounded education. With this in mind, your child will study the following subjects: mathematics, environmental & social studies, physical education, crafts design and technology, music, coding, applied physics & robotics, drama, French (as of 5th grade) and Aikido (grades 1-4). 

We offer your child an innovative, relevant and enriching learning experience. They will develop not only knowledge, skills and understanding but resilience, independence and the confidence to make decisions and push boundaries. 

Guided by trained and experienced teachers our Primary School offers an education based on the Swiss national curriculum (LP21), supported by the International Primary Years curriculum as well as our own unique meaningful learning experiences and in-house developed units of enquiry. Our teaching centres around “Big Ideas” based on authentic issues such as conservation and sustainability, global perspectives and responsibilities, identity and social structures, technological growth and its impacts and preparing for uncertainty. 

Education is much more than simple knowledge acquisition. Our enquiry based, interdisciplinary teaching approach will enable your child to make connections across subject matters and apply their knowledge and skills to unfamiliar situations preparing them for tomorrow and as well as their future. It also fosters intrinsic motivation and curiosity and will support your child as they design their learning as well as develop as a reflective learner.  

We believe in the opportunities that technological innovation provides us and have made a commitment to educating your child about the opportunities and responsibilities that a digital native must know about. 

We recognise that a supportive environment, that accounts for social and emotional needs, is crucial for successful teaching and learning to take place. With this in mind, our teachers support the students so that they are best equipped to reach their full potential and are able to gain age-appropriate independence. The ability to work in and contribute to a team, communication skills, creativity, critical thinking and information, media and technological literacy are essential for success now and in the future and our Primary team provides your child with opportunities to develop and practice these skills as well as a solid academic and social foundation as they prepare for the next step in their school career.  


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