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OBSession E-Sports Team

At OBS, we believe that E-Sport is a great vehicle for education. It is proven that advanced video gaming skills have on STEM subjects. E-sports provides us with a platform to learn and discover across multiple curriculum domains. It isn’t just about playing video games. The gaming industry needs storyboard writers, animators and managers. Students learn valuable skills playing e-sports in school which include teamwork, communication skills and compromise, conflict management, active listening, respect, social skills, strategic thinking and planning, managing success and failure and time management.

Gaming can be an isolating pastime but when students have the opportunity to join a school e-sports team, it becomes a social experience and it is in a protected and guided environment. For your child to qualify to participate in the OBS E-Sports Team they not only need to be academically successful but be physically fit. They will, besides gaming, learn about the importance of staying healthy, exercising on a regular basis and eating a healthy diet.