For families, children and staff from more than 30 countries, OBS is not just a school but a respectful community that cultivates a strong sense of identity. At OBS, you can experience and enjoy many diverse cultures and activities.

This can be seen in our learning principles, which promote distinct qualities and value not only knowledge but also holistic development as well as individual character building. We consider the diversity of the cultures at our school an asset. During the school year, we celebrate local and national customs such as Räbelichtli (carving lanterns out of turnips), Samichlaus (the Swiss Saint Nicholas celebration), baking ginger bread houses and Easter egg hunts – as well as many international traditions.

Whether they are participating in the annual Family Fun Day, the OBS talent show, carol singing, ski races, the school markets (where all contributions go to a good cause) or the Staff Appreciation Lunch, our families enjoy being part of a vibrant and caring community which they can actively develop and shape.

Our Parents Association acts not only as class representative but participates in classroom activities such as “Reading with Parents”, provides insights into the professional world through job presentations and organises numerous events and meetings for OBS families.

We are a day school that provides the children with many activities outside the classroom. A day at OBS involves learning and fun at many different levels thanks to our daily club programme, the numerous topical events that children from different classes can attend as well as the diverse After School courses.

At OBS, children who are preparing to transition from one level to the next can participate in “moving-up days”, where they get to spend a morning in the new class getting to know their new teachers and future learning environment. In addition, new students can come and visit the school on the last day of holidays making their first day of school seem far less daunting.

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