OBS Parent Association

The aim of our Parent Association is to work closely with the school administration and the whole school community not only to create a happy and vibrant school life, but also to support the successful development of OBS.

All parents whose children attend OBS are automatically members of the OBS Parent Association (PA). This membership is free of charge. The PA is led by the PA President and the PA Board who are all elected at the PA’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) held at the beginning of each school year.

Our OBS PA Board Members

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Everyone is encouraged to participate in the Parent Association, whatever your interests, cultural background and experience.

Some benefits of participating are:

  • Making new friends
  • Being informed and getting involved in the school
  • Learning/improving your German or English by interacting with other parents
  • Having volunteering as experience on your resume

Join our bilingual community

We appreciate the diversity of our school and offer a wide range of opportunities to get involved by either becoming a Grade Representative or volunteering for our events such as:

  • Welcome Apero parent evening at the beginning of the school year
  • Autumn and Spring markets
  • Supporting OBS’s November Räbeliechtliumzug
  • Christmas in a box (charity event)
  • Staff Appreciation Event
  • Christmas or New Years’ Apero
  • School Buddy Programme for new families

If you are looking for a fun way to meet people and become part of our vibrant school community you can easily get involved. Just contact your Grade Rep or your PA Board (pa.board@edi4-obs.ch).

How do we work?

We provide an interface between the OBS parents and the school administration and teaching teams as well as the local community.

The PA Board meets on a weekly basis with the school management to discuss questions/issues raised by parents, events and school projects.

Parents are represented on class level by their Grade Representatives (Reps).

Grade Reps are elected at grade level by parents at the start of the new school year which is conducted by the PA Board.

Grade Reps represent the grade interests: they address grade level issues and suggestions with the corresponding grade teachers. At the monthly Grade Rep Drop-in Meetings they get inside information from the school, learn about new projects and have a chance to discuss parent issues.

They are responsible for

  • Regular contact and information
  • Organising informal parent or family occasions to enable families to get to know one another (coffee mornings, dinners, excursions, etc.)
  • Organising meetings with grade teachers to offer them support and discuss relevant projects or topics
  • Helping parents to support and understand the work that the school does
  • Welcoming new families to the school and helping them to integrate into the OBS community

Please contact your PA Board if you are interested in becoming a Grade Rep.

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