Early Years

Loving care and stimulating interaction in a secure environment

Babies and toddlers up to the age of two need a particular amount of tender loving care. It is only in an environment of warmth and security that children can fully develop their natural curiosity and inherent desire to learn.

Our baby group consists of a maximum of eight children aged between 3 and 24 months. In this protected environment, the children explore the world, form their first friendships and exchange experiences. Simple basic rules ensure peaceful interaction and promote the children’s sense of social interdependence.

Environment and Concept

At Obersee Bilingual School, babies and infants are given professional and loving care in a secure, age-appropriate and well- equipped environment. Our concept aims to optimally support your child’s development through suitable interaction. In doing so, we consider the emotional and social needs of our youngest ones, as well as their need for movement.

Our holistic education programme includes music, song and finger games, drawing, crafts, and balance and flexibility exercises. We also take a lot of time for supervised playing outdoors with varied materials and for regular activities in nature.


At Obersee Bilingual School, every group is supported by a team of German- or English-speaking teachers who communicate at native-level fluency. This allows all children to approach the group in a way familiar to them. At the same time, their brains can form the structures that later facilitate the learning of a second language.

Neurolinguistic research has shown that children learning a second language before their third year of age have different neuronal brain pathways than children who grow up in a monolingual environment.


Playing, learning and discovering the world we live in.

Between the ages of two and four, it is said that a child’s identity is formed. At OBS, we consider and promote the individuality, natural curiosity, self-confidence and independence of your child.

We have a broad range of varied activities tailored towards the needs of each individual child. Detailed observations by the teachers form a key part of our educational planning. Your child’s individual interests and strengths are taken into consideration and encouraged appropriately. Areas for potential development are identified in a fostering and caring manner to assist and support further development with individual measures.

Bilingualism Comes Naturally

We welcome children into Prekindergarten regardless of their first language. Numerous scientific studies and the personal experience at OBS show that children are able to acquire several languages simultaneously during play whilst in a safe, stimulating environment. All activities are introduced in both languages. Your child can experiment with both languages in a relaxed and motivating environment. Our experienced and dedicated German and English native-speaking teachers work jointly as a team in the classroom and conduct their part of the daily experience in their respective native language.

Learning by Playing

We provide various age-related and exciting activities in Prekindergarten, thereby fostering your child’s natural curiosity. We encourage your child to actively participate in our early year’s curriculum of social and emotional development, early numeracy, science and investigation, language and creative development, which includes singing, music and movement. Fine motor skills are continuously developed during focused classroom activities. Soft-play landscapes and a movement room provide the perfect safe environment to enable your child to develop their gross motor skills, to promote the core muscle strength and stability needed for their everyday activities in the playground. Ball skills are also part of our gross motor development approach to encourage solid hand-eye coordination.

Fun Outdoors

Fresh air, exercise and a balanced diet ensure your child receives the best care and attention possible whilst in the care of OBS. Your child will actively take part in our daily outdoor activities such as: informative field trips linked to classroom themes, adventures through the forest, and playtime in our classroom gardens.


Our daily meals are freshly prepared in our own in-house kitchen. We have a trained chef who pays particular attention to our children with allergies, vegetarian diets and other special dietary needs.

Growing together

Our families greatly appreciate being part of our lively, open and warm-hearted school community and is important to us that the parents consider themselves active partners in their child’s education. Regular visits to our information evenings, school events and parent meetings ensure that we create the ideal learning environment in which your child can grow and develop together.

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