Additional School Services

Additional School Services – more flexibility for our families

Early/Late Care and Wednesday Afternoon Care

Early/Late Care and Wednesday Afternoon Care can be booked in advance for an entire semester or daily at short notice (with a surcharge). The offered care times for each day are:

Early Care 7:15am – 8:15am
Late Care 4:00pm – 6:30pm
Wednesday Afternoon Care 12.30 – 4.00pm

School Kitchen

As every parent knows, children are not always cooperative about eating nutritious and varied food—meals times are can be challenging in the home as well as in the school. And that’s where the Kitchen at OBS comes in.

We provide varied, uncomplicated, tasty, wholesome and healthy food—prepared every day for our students—and always fresh. Healthy, nutritious food is a balanced mixed diet that contains all the necessary nutrients, minerals and vitamins in its most natural form. And that’s what our students and their parents expect from us.

We offer them a wide and tasteful variety of dishes and our engaging and devoted Kitchen staff encourage them, day by day, to try new and unfamiliar dishes. But we like to do it and to make the children curious about the food, to enjoy the unexpected. Often, they, as well as us, experience surprises. Surprises, in the way the children realize that the dish, or a component, is delicious.

Fresh preparation is paramount in the OBS Kitchen. Fruit and fresh bread are offered in the mornings and afternoons, as Zwischenverpflegung, or snacks.

The hot lunches are accompanied by raw foods, a variety of salads, Bircher muesli and freshly made soups.

We also like to involve our children and from their opinions about their meals. They can come to us anytime with their ideas, praise or criticism and we listen and try to implement their feedback, as much as possible.

Furthermore, we pay close attention to the individual needs of children, in terms of allergies and intolerances. Each staff member is aware of the students that have special diet requirements. However, if other children which to choose a vegetarian or gluten-free dish as an option, they are free to do so.

School Bus

Our School Bus Service can be booked for mornings and afternoons. We cover a wide range of stops around the area and parents have the possibility to request a new stop and times. If interested, please contact the main office for further details.

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