Educational Approach


  • We believe that every child should enjoy school and discover their strengths and passions.
  • We support our students in achieving their educational goals .
  • We strive to create learning experiences with topics that are interesting, stimulating and relevant for our students.
  • We draw upon our students’ strengths and set goals for areas of growth.
  • We offer individual support programmes that meet the needs of our students.


  • We provide a fully immersive learning environment and recognise both German and English as the school’s languages of instruction.
  • Our teachers all teach in their native language – either German or English.
  • Our core subjects at Primary and Upper School are taught 50:50 in German and English – our Pre School classes all consist of bilingual teaching teams.
  • The language at Primary School changes on a weekly basis whilst it switches in an annual/biennial rhythm at Upper School.


  • We live our universal values and teach them to our students.
  • Our values create the basis for a relaxed, yet serious learning atmosphere.
  • We believe that a positive attitude and a child’s wellbeing promote learning.
  • We have a global and local mindset.
  • We grow through regular self-reflection and feedback.


  • We teach digital natives and therefore use innovative learning instruments and media to best support and promote them.
  • We challenge students to not only be creative and adaptable but also strive for them to become critical and strategic thinkers
  • We believe in lifelong learners and see challenges as opportunities for growth.


  • We strive to develop responsible, independent and resilient personalities at each stage of their learning journeys.
  • We place emphasis on a well-rounded education – each subject in our curriculum provides a specific contribution to a holistic education.
  • We use teachable moments to make the world comprehensible through real-life and interdisciplinary learning.
  • We actively explore our closer and wider environment and embed it into our learning.


  • We see our students, parents and employees as partners in the teaching and learning process.
  • We always communicate in a continuous dialogue with the parents of our students and include them in their child’s learning journey through a trustworthy school-to-home partnership.
  • We value our international community – be it the similarities or differences of all our cultures at school.
  • We promote our students’ social and community awareness and develop their leadership skills.
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