Holiday School

Holiday Time is Fun Time at OBS!

OBS knows that children are full of energy and open to new challenges. With our holiday schools we give our children the possibility to expand their horizons while trying new things together with their friends. Our programme is depending on the seasons and channels the kid’s energy and enthusiasm to give them a fantastic time at holiday school.

Our instructors ensure that all outdoor and indoor activities are challenging and fun in equal measure, with all children allowed to shine while still growing in terms of co-ordination, confidence and personality. Our holiday school programmes are tailored to stimulate and entertain children of all abilities. OBS sets its sights on creating an exciting and memorable time for our children, whilst still being in a safe environment where they feel comfortable.

OBS offers holiday school all year round contemporaneous with the Cantonal holiday times of the Canton Schwyz except for Christmas and the last week of the summer break.

Holiday Care for Babycare & Prekindergarten

OBS holiday care provides Early Years Multi-Activity provision dedicated to the development of our youngest children with well-chosen theme weeks containing activities (on and off campus) such as crafting, dance, sports, storytelling, picnics in the forest, playgrounds in the area and little trips to the Lake of Zurich and Rapperswil Zoo.

A daily schedule of specifically designed activities encourage their learning and fuel the imagination. Early Years children have their very own area with a whole host of resources and activities to choose from.

Our highly qualified holiday care staff ensures children get the most out of the holiday time and are cared for to the highest level. OBS ensures that the children feel safe at all time and that the holiday care staff is known to the children. It is our ambition that Early Years children get the care and attention they need.

Holiday Fun for Kindergarten & Primary School

OBS holiday school provides the children with a wide variety of activities which change daily, keeping it fresh for those who are staying for more than one day.

It is our continual goal to ensure that all children in our care are comfortable and happy whilst having a fun-filled day with our diverse programme, which includes activities such as:

  • outdoor activities (team sports, orienteering hikes, etc.) and excursions (museums, nature parks) which are packed full to the brim with action, adventure and fun;
  • cooking-sessions with sweet and savoury dishes that develop the culinary skills (includes some delicious take-home treats);
  • fabulous art creations and crafting – give your creativity full scope – includes all the arty techniques and is a must for any budding Vincent van Gogh;
  • coding and robotics – where we connect the love of technology to the world around us and learn how to handle digital media safely.

Our holiday schools are always a lot of fun and provide the perfect environment for every child to thrive doing the activities they love most.


Holiday Camp Program
Sport Holidays: February 22nd – March 8th

Week 1: Creative Arts
We will learn about different artists like Klimt, Pollock, Banksy and many more and be inspired by them. Together we will start creative projects, dive into the world of art and find out what it is like to be an artist.

At the end of the week we will present our artwork. A participation of at least 2 days is required.

Week 2: Exploring Dance Styles
We will get to know and learn different dance styles. These include Hip Hop, Ragga, Expressive Dance and Hawaiian. We will learn choreographed dances to the rhythm of the music.

There will be a lot of sweating, fun and movement in this program. The children will spend part of the day at Tanzstudio Hall 92, accompanied by OBS staff.

Please register via the Parent Portal. The registration deadline is Monday, February 10th, 2020. Cost is 120 CHF pro Day. External students are welcome so please tell your friends.

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