The School Day

If a stuffy classroom where a teacher monotonously lectures for hours comes to mind when you think about school, think again. Like a real journey, the learning journey at OBS offers as much variety as possible. This includes bilingual education as well as subjects as varied as coding, drama, robotics and Aikido. The classrooms are designed and furnished in a way that allows for flexibility and ensures a friendly and welcoming learning environment. At OBS, you will not only find specialized rooms for the sciences, arts, technical design, coding, robotics and music, but also a LEGO innovation studio and a TV studio. Different from other schools, OBS employs a teacher-tandem-team for each year and subject in primary school. One teacher is a native English speaker, the other a native German speaker. During primary school, the children are taught in an alternating weekly rhythm by one of the teachers. Beginning in the lower secondary school, the language changes yearly. That ensures that the students learn the important terminology in each subject in both languages.

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