Congratulations: OBS students achieve outstanding Matura Results in 2019

  • An OBS student achieves the best graduation score of all candidates in the German speaking part of Switzerland with a grade point average of 5.4
  • 100% Matura class success rate
  • 5.0 Class Average

Congratulations to our students and teachers of the first OBS Matura Diploma class!

Together, they set new standards with an excellent overall grade average of 5.0 at the Swiss Federal Matura Examinations in February/ March 2019 in Zürich. One of our students even achieved the best result of all candidates in the German speaking part of Switzerland with a grade point average of 5.4. The whole OBS community is very proud of the achievements and we wish the students all the best for their promising future.

These results are even more impressive as it is an external exam—candidates were not examined by their own teachers (as it is common practice at cantonal upper schools), but by a panel of experienced teachers and department heads from various Swiss German upper schools. Thus, the grades represent an objective performance measurement in relation to the upper school standards of the entire German speaking part of Switzerland. During the second part of exams, the following subjects were tested, written and orally: Mathematics, German, English, French and depending on the profile, Italian or Biology & Chemistry. Since OBS prepares for the bilingual Swiss Matura exam, the complementary subject, economics, was also tested orally in English. Furthermore, each candidate had to write a thesis. Our candidates passed these subjects with a grade between 4 and 6—meaning, they did not receive a single unsatisfactory grade in any core subject. The magnitude of this outstanding achievement is highlighted by a study from the federal government on the quality of the Cantonal Matura or Hausmatura, which showed that hundreds of graduates from the Hausmatura had an insufficient performance in German or mathematics. [1] (OBS prepares for the Swiss Matura vs the Cantonal Matura or Hausmatura.)

After the impressive results at the first exam in 2018, we could assume that all the second exams would also be remarkable. But no one expected this outstanding average of 5.0! Anyone who knows the grading system at Swiss upper schools will undoubtedly know how strict it is, and at OBS, starting in the 10th grade, it becomes comparatively more rigorous. However, we always encourage our students to give their best, and we in turn, fully support them and give our best back.

We feel the reasons for this extraordinary success come from the intensive, individual support at OBS. Everyone has appreciated the commitment, the flexibility and the availability of our teachers. In the last two months before the exam, no regular classes were held so our Matura students could schedule individual time with their teachers and coaches. This was very well received, very efficient and productive—producing such successful results. What’s more, our innovative approach makes young people eager to go to school because they feel they are taken seriously. The joy and mutual respect make learning easier and more engaging. As one graduate stated, “having been more and more trusted to learn in my own way, made me more motivated to learn.”

[1] EVAMAR II: 2007 hatten 4.7% der Schweizer Maturandinnen und Maturanden eine ungenügende Maturanote in der Erstsprache, 24.4% waren ungenügend in Mathematik, 5.6% hatten eine ungenügende Gesamtnote in Naturwissenschaften. Bei den schriftlichen Maturitätsprüfungen betrug der Anteil ungenügender Noten 19.6% in der Erstsprache und 41.4% in Mathematik.

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