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OBS is pleased to see its future-oriented and digital approach endorsed as it joins Cognita, the leading group of global schools.

Cognita, a global group of schools, majority-owned by Zurich-based Jacobs Holding AG, has acquired a stake in Obersee Bilingual School (OBS) and entered into a long-term partnership with the Swiss private school. “What began with an exchange of views in November 2019 will now lead to a long-term collaboration,” says Uwe Feuersenger, Managing Director of OBS and CEO of Bold Brains AG.

This is a further step in the OBS success story. In Cognita, OBS not only obtains a strong partner known for the high quality of their 85 schools in 12 countries, but a partner who genuinely shares the OBS vision – “Preparing young people for the complex challenges of their future”.

From the very beginning, OBS has worked closely with scientists and researchers, in developing its bilingual, German/English, immersive programme. With the entry of Bold Brains AG and Uwe Feuersenger as managing director, digitalisation began as early as 2017 at OBS and has led to future-oriented, technology-supported and student-centric learning. This development was scientifically supported by renowned experts from the fields of education, psychology, technology, neuroscience, and child development.

In spring 2020, the corona-related lockdown was a true test for OBS. From the first day of school closures, OBS students received full-day digital instruction in their usual class composition, meaning that teaching and learning continued consistently and continuously in digital format. After the schools reopened, students who had to follow quarantine measures were still able to participate digitally in class and interact with their teachers and classmates. This hybrid model will continue at OBS going forward.

Cognita is a diverse and growing group of schools that share one common purpose: to create an inspiring world of education that builds self-belief and empowers individuals to succeed.  Cognita achieves this by sharing expertise, insights and best practice across its global family, creating enrichment opportunities for students and staff. Cognita also has a strong commitment to wellbeing as well as technology-supported learning, having made significant investment across the world to support its students and ensure continuity of education throughout the pandemic.

Uwe Feuersenger explains that Cognita was the ideal partner for this next phase of the School’s history. “OBS and Cognita have a shared vision and conviction that learning in schools must evolve through comprehensive use of technology and other future-oriented practice and content. Furthermore, Cognita already has good connections to the Swiss education system through Jacobs Holding, whose sole beneficiary is the Jacobs Foundation.”

For the students and teachers of OBS, the partnership offers advantages in terms of pedagogical exchange and access to Cognita’s extensive global network. The latter is particularly advantageous for families who move abroad and are looking for quality assurance when it comes to their children’s education.

Cognita is committed to the individuality of its schools, each one retaining its own distinct character, and has deep respect for OBS, as Stuart Rolland, Europe CEO of Cognita, explains: “OBS is an exceptional school with an innovative approach. Its focus on future-oriented learning with the support of technology complements our educational vision and we’re delighted to be welcoming OBS into the Cognita family.”

About OBS (Obersee Bilingual School)

OBS has been a bilingual, future-oriented public school in Pfäffikon, Canton Schwyz, Switzerland since 2006. From childcare to the Matura or the IB (International Baccalaureate), classes are held in an immersive way and alternate weekly between German and English.

With the takeover in 2017 by Bold Brains AG, a think tank and developer of learning technology (EdTech), digitally supported forms of teaching and learning are consistently being introduced at OBS. Thanks to this commitment, OBS is internationally regarded as a role model for a “digital school” and technology-enhanced learning and enjoys lively interest from educational scientists in Switzerland and abroad.


About Cognita

Launched in 2004, Cognita is an extraordinary family of diverse yet connected schools that span 12 countries and share one common purpose: to create an inspiring world of education that builds self-belief and empowers individuals to succeed. With 85 schools in Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Asia, Cognita employs 7,500+ teaching and support staff in the care and education of more than 55,000 students. Together, Cognita schools provide a uniquely global education that goes beyond grades to develop all-round academic excellence – equipping young people with the confidence and resourcefulness that prepares them to grow, thrive and find their success in a fast-changing world.  

The majority shareholder of Cognita is Jacobs Holding AG, based in Zurich.