Eröffnung des neuen Campus der OBS Privatschule

Dear Students, Parents, Guardians, dear colleagues,

All good things are worth waiting for and worth fighting for. 

Today we are standing here in Wollerau to successfully conclude what has been a huge project that has intensively occupied us over the last few years.

Where at the beginning there was an idea, a vision and an empty green field, today there is a modern school campus that will shortly be filled with hundreds of excited children and young people. They will be joined by our motivated team of staff who have spared no time and effort over the last few weeks to creatively and lovingly prepare a new and stimulating learning environment for the students. Thank you! 

While former and new students will soon begin their learning journey in the new learning spaces, we look back on a very enriching learning journey of our own, in which we too have constantly developed and learned. 

The path towards our new campus was – as with almost every major project – marked by intermediate successes, but also by obstacles. Some of you will remember the long, patience-sapping approval process, during which, instead of cranes and diggers we were faced with repeated objections and cows grazing with pleasure on the staked-out building field. 

We, as a school, have also been challenged time and again, not least by the move of our neighbouring school to a new large school building in Pfäffikon a few years ago. 

But it has proven successful not to be intimidated by challenges, but instead to push ourselves even harder, to focus and reflect on our own strengths, to continue to work unswervingly and believe in our own convictions – with the aim of constantly improving ourselves. 

All this is only possible with a great team that focuses on a common vision and the strengths of each individual. 

We were able to rely on external specialists in conception, planning, construction, organisation and financing, and we owe them all a great debt of gratitude today. 

In addition, there were the many internal comrades-in-arms, to whom we will be forever indebted for their ongoing courageous commitment throughout the various stages of the project. 

All these aspects that were central to this major project are also those that we would like to pass on to our students so that they can successfully make their own ideas and dreams a reality. 

A successful project needs: 

A clear idea of what we hope for the future, a clear vision 

a creative spirit, curiosity, courage and ambition to always try something new 

a critical eye, and seeing the big picture 

a belief in oneself and one’s own abilities 

It also needs a clear plan and a well thought-out strategy 

Mistakes are allowed along the way; afterwards, however, reflection is always required. 

It also needs: 

Stamina and resilience in the face of complications. 

And one should not allow oneself to be distracted from one’s goals, but be open to regularly and critically reviewing the steps towards them and adjusting them as necessary. 

Last but not least, a versatile team is needed in which communication is transparent, spirited and always respectful, and in which each member can contribute with his or her own skills. 

We are proud to be part of such a team in this project and would like to take the opportunity today to say thank you to the following people: 

Thank you Uwe Feuersenger for the vision, the stamina and resilience and the significant financial commitment you have made to OBS. In the last few years you have become not only the managing director but also the expert in questions of construction, conception and interior design. 

Thank you Barbara Lindermann for the many years of competent support, planning and supervision of the building project. Absolutely no detail escaped your attention during implementation. 

Thank you to the Bold Brains Team

Thank you to the construction team, the craftsmen, the removal companies 

Thank you to all OBS staff

Thank you to all our students

And: Thank you parents for your loyalty and trust in our school and in our team. 

We are at a game changing moment; we have had the great opportunity to redesign our learning spaces to be truly effective and fit for the 21st century and two-way teaching where learners are captains of their learning and will continue to strengthen their skills in bridging the gap between the classroom and the real world.   

With this in mind, we are now looking forward to starting the new school year here in Wollerau together with your children.

We will in a moment hand back over to Mr Feuersenger to officially open the School.