Primary School: 3rd to 6th Grade

Primary School

Our Primary School is committed to immersive 50:50 (English and German) bilingual instruction. Our interdisciplinary teaching approach enables our students to make connections across subject matters, contributing towards their overall understanding of both the acquired knowledge and the required skills.

Our innovative, competencies-based OBS curriculum provides our students with the knowledge and skills that are required both today, as well as in their future. Our teachers design individualized and differentiated learning experiences that are inspiring and challenging, inviting students to explore and research their interests within the unit of study. We believe in the opportunities that technological innovation provides us and have made a commitment to educating our students about the opportunities and responsibilities that a digital native must know about. To help foster this, our Primary School is a 1:1 iPad school starting at Grade 1.

At OBS Primary School we recognise that a supportive environment that accounts for social and emotional needs is cruicial for successful teaching and learning to take place. With this in mind, our teachers support the students so that they are best equipped to reach their fullest potential and are able to gain age-appropriate independence. We endevour for the whole school community to be the best that they can be and also place an emphasis on student attitudes and behaviour. Our Primary School assemblies provide a regular platform to address topics related to our OBS Universe of Values enable us to celebrate and foster our community.

Key features of our Primary School
  • A bilingual curriculum based on Lehrplan 21 competencies and International Primary Curriculum (IPC) learning goals
  • A holistic and balanced education that places emphasis on both academic achievement and pastoral care
  • Small class sizes with individualized and differentiated instruction
  • Special Educational Needs (SEN) services
  • 1:1 iPad school
  • World-class teachers who are committed to an immersive bilingual teaching approach that is innovative and interdisciplinary
  • A carefully designed and supportive learning environment
  • A commitment to international mindedness
  • Field trips to enrich the classroom-based teaching and learning outcomes
  • Regular Primary School assemblies and events such as Halloween, Fasnacht etc.
  • Snack and lunch service
  • Clubs offerings and Extra Curriculular Activities
The structure of the Primary School

OBS Primary School students enter at Kindergarten 1 level and transition into Upper School after Grade 6. The Primary School is divided into two cycles – Cycle 1 (Grades KG1-Grade 2) and Cycle 2 (Grades 3-6).

Daily routine

Primary School students arrive at school between 08:15 and 08:30. Families can register their children for Early Care, which is offered as of 07:15. Morning lessons include one break of 20 minutes. Students eat lunch at school and are allocated a 50-minute lunch break (incl. outdoor break). Dependent on grade-level, students have two to three afternoon lessons. Additionally, there is an afternoon break of 20 minutes.

Students are outdoors for break regardless of the weather. With the exception of Wednesday where the school day ends at 12:00 and some students stay for lunch, the school day officially ends at 15:45. After school clubs and Late Care (until 18:30) is offered at an extra cost to children who are registered. Students generally travel to and from school by one of the following methods of transport: Car, school bus, public transport, by foot.

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