What Sets Us Apart?

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In 2016, at least one partner in 52% of all newly married couples in Switzerland was a foreign citizen. An international perspective is therefore the norm for this new generation. Young parents seek out schools that prepare their children for the world of tomorrow and can foster their talents in a number of different ways: for example, through bilingual instruction, individual research projects and leadership initiatives.

We at OBS are convinced that an eagerness to learn is the main prerequisite for sustainable learning. Our aspiration is, therefore, to ensure that our students look forward to coming to school every day, which enables them to learn effectively. That is why we do all we can to create a relaxing yet simultaneously serious learning environment in which students feel both understood and supported. This combination of joy and dedication is the first thing visitors pick up on and is also the foundation of our students’ above-average performance in the external Matura examination.

How do we create this special learning environment at OBS? As John Hattie showed in his famous study, it is the attitude of the teachers that makes the main difference. We only employ teachers who believe in the potential of our students and would do anything to help them achieve success. Our school’s vision attracts only the best teachers: creative and dedicated individuals who create enjoyable and meaningful learning experiences by dealing with current and fascinating topics. Our teachers are therefore more than mere instructors: they are inspiring role models, learning facilitators with natural authority, and persistent supporters. The children and students recognise and value their teachers’ extraordinary commitment and return the favour by working hard and being respectful. None of our teachers need to fear the notorious graduation magazine as our students write personalised thank you letters after their final examinations instead. An anxiety-free secondary school where students enjoy learning and sharing their successes? At OBS, this is not a pipe dream but a reality!

By Geneviève Appenzeller

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