Empowering children to face the complex
challenges Underline Single Path
of their future

  • ambitious
  • student-centred
  • future-orientated
  • bilingual

Welcome to OBS

The ability to actively learn, apply new knowledge and solve problems independently is central to our children’s future. We want them to become independent and responsible adults who pursue their strengths, think critically, network, and have the courage to realise their ideas. With this vision in mind, we are constantly developing the concept of learning and teaching at OBS.


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9Teaching assistants
80Long-term high school students
44Secondary school students
48Students IB Diploma Program
6Successful Matura graduates
3Successful IB Diploma years
1/3Swiss families
1/3Families with a Swiss parent
1/3Families from 41 nations
30+Leisure clubs

Uwe Feuersenger

Adapting to the specific needs of Generation Alpha requires school flexibility and innovation. At OBS, we offer an educational platform that equips young people for current and future challenges by providing relevant knowledge and skills for the future.

Angela Mitra

We offer our students the opportunity to take risks in a safe environment, broaden their horizons and strengthen their self-confidence. We encourage participation, critical thinking and leadership skills.

Future Skills

Our curriculum teaches contemporary and future-orientated skills.

Our teachers share a passion for their profession and excellent professional expertise.


Clubs & Activities

Our students have many interests. We promote these with an extensive range of clubs.

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