Admissions Assessement

To provide an optimal entry recommendation for your child, Obersee Bilingual School carries out an assessment in three parts: the current competence level in the 2nd language, an analysis of the cognitive potential and a personality profile.

Several parts of the assessment are done online. Our school psychologist creates a unique ID for your child that generates an anonymous evaluation. Your child’s assessment will neither be made available to third parties and will nor printed out. After the enrolment, your child’s coach will be able to view the electronic evaluation documents in order to provide your child with optimal guidance. Assessment costs including a feedback by the Head of Upper School as well as the psychologist amount to CHF 950. These costs are also due in the case of none admittance.

1. Evaluation of second language skills
(German or English, ca. 2.5 h)

Enrolment system:

The assessment is in line with the 6 levels of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: A1 (Beginner), A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2 (Proficiency). Children generally comprehend more in their second language than what they can express; therefore reading / listening and speaking / writing are analysed distinctively.

Instruments for evaluation:

German: Zertifikat Deutsch für Jugendliche
English: Lingualevel

Enrolment system at the OBS:

To enter 7th grade at Gymnasium level, a competence of B1 in listening comprehension and B1 in speaking is required. To enter 7th grade at Sekundarschule A level, a competence of B1 in listening. comprehension and A2 in speaking is required.

2. Potential Analysis
(in German or in English, ca 1.5 h)

In addition the verbal, numerical and figural intelligence as well as deductive reasoning are tested based on nine sets of exercises. The testing procedure is seen as scientifically objective; individual results are compared against a random sample from gymnasium schools.

3. Personality Profile
(in German or in English; can be done at home)

Research has shown that professional success strongly depends on personality profile and not primarily on a classically measured intelligence quotient. This is an important indicator that giftedness does not necessarily result in high academic performance. Conversely, people with favourable personality factors can be academically and professionally successful despite a moderate intelligence quotient. The so-called personality inventory model of Costa & McCrae generates a comprehensive personality description by recording five personality factors: outgoingness, compatibility, emotional response, openness to experiences and conscientiousness.