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Nurturing Early Development with Bilingual Education and Personalised Care

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We are committed to fostering an environment where every child can thrive. Our approach to early education in both babycare and preschool is to provide a nurturing space, where a deep, genuine interest in each child’s unique journey is paramount.

From as young as three months, our educators guide children in small groups, ensuring attentive care that respects each individual’s pace of learning. Our bilingual setting enriches this experience, offering children the advantage of language immersion during the most crucial years of brain development.

Understanding that the first six years are vital for cognitive growth, we tailor our environment to inspire and stimulate each child’s innate curiosity. By creating a secure and supportive atmosphere, we enable children to explore, engage and embrace their full potential through play and discovery.

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Rebecca Albrecht

“We see each child as an individual and provide tailored opportunities to enhance their strengths.”

Uwe Feuersenger

School should be student-centred, right from the start.

Babycare & Preschool Team

Clubs & Activities

Our students have many interests. We promote these with an extensive range of clubs.

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