The school of the future now.

Learning is inspiration, courage and curiosity. Learning is the basis of a self-determined future.

Today’s Classroom, Tomorrow’s World: The Foundation of Self-Directed Futures

Learning is fueled by inspiration, bravery, and inquisitiveness. It lays the groundwork for an autonomous future. At OBS, we provide an environment that nurtures growth—not just absorbing information but also applying it critically and actively for personal enrichment. We motivate our students to think ahead, rethink and reimagine, and create the right conditions for this. We encourage our students to take their future into their own hands and actively shape it.

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Our immersive, bilingual concept enables our students to continue their education and careers internationally.


Our school building is at the cutting edge of educational research. The design and equipment adapt to different learning situations.

We believe in the world of tomorrow. That’s why we teach future skills such as coding, robotics, digital media, computer design, etc.


Our vision is firmly rooted in the promise of the future. We focus on imparting skills that will be vital in tomorrow’s world especially in the areas of coding, robotics, digital media and computer design, as well as communication, critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, and digital literacy.

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9Teaching assistants
80Long-term high school students
44Secondary school students
48Students IB Diploma Program
6Successful Matura graduates
3Successful IB Diploma years
1/3Swiss families
1/3Families with a Swiss parent
1/3Families from 41 nations
30+Leisure clubs

Zaida Hundegger, co-Head of School

Theoretical knowledge must always be put to the practical test. We present educational material as real-world scenarios, encouraging students to employ their theoretical knowledge to craft inventive solutions.

Uwe Feuersenger, CEO OBS

We encourage our students to proactively ask questions and constantly expand their knowledge and skills. In doing so, they learn to adapt their thinking flexibly to constantly changing circumstances.

Our pedagogical concept

An individualised approach to our students and meeting them as equals are a matter of course for us. Agile, critical thinking, initiative and problem-solving strategies are vital skills that we teach with just as much commitment as curricula and academic content.

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Bilingual education

Genuine bilingualism is a valuable skill that not only offers our students better career opportunities but also opens up the world to them. The positive effects of a bilingual education range from cultural awareness, increased empathy, and exceptional adaptability to better problem-solving skills. Above all, however, our graduates can move confidently and adeptly in our globalised and networked world.

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Modern educational campus

Our campus is the structural response to the innovative learning concept at OBS. It was designed based on the actual needs of learners and teachers. The result is a place that students and teachers can make their own, and that supports the different phases of learning with its well-thought-out design and high-quality equipment.

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Future Skills

Our curriculum teaches contemporary and future-orientated skills.