OBServatory & Space Agency

Space holds an extraordinary fascination for children and young people. Unexplored worlds and many unanswered questions activate their spirit of discovery. As part of our Space Agency, we bring this fascination into a scientific context.

Exploring the Boundaries of Science: The Space Agency Programme

The Space Agency transforms dreams into scientific realities. The boundless expanse of space ignites aspirations, sparks imagination, and inspires ideas. As students delve into this captivating realm, fundamental educational skills in physics, mathematics, chemistry, and technology seamlessly come to life. Through the Space Agency programme, we provide our students with the opportunity to delve deeper into this pivotal field of the future, engage in firsthand experiences of current research, and ultimately apply their newfound knowledge.

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What does it feel like to leave the Earth’s atmosphere? Can planets be made of diamonds? What is the weather like on the moon? Will space tourism become a reality one day? And what role will space play for humankind in general in the future? One thing is sure: Space is more than just a place of longing – exploring space consistently drives research forward and regularly provides new technologies and essential innovations. This sector will continue to grow and open up a range of exciting professions.

Embracing the Natural Sciences: A Focused Approach

The first encounter with our OBServatory & Space Agency takes you into the heart of the natural sciences. Within this realm, a diverse array of topics seamlessly intertwines, instantly becoming more tangible. Recognising its capacity to solidify fundamental skills and nurture future competencies, our OBServatory & Space Agency programme features in our middle school timetable.

The programme is crafted to empower children and young individuals with the abilities needed to embark on their initial journey into space exploration. Our students get the unique opportunity to visit a real space agency, closely observe their diverse activities, and actively participate in this extraordinary experience.

We encompass a wide range of disciplines. In addition to physics and math, our curriculum includes astronomy, coding, chemistry, biology, economics and design and technology. We encourage our students to work collaboratively across these subjects, just as they would in a real space agency, fostering an interdisciplinary approach to learning.”

Interdisciplinary content

Different disciplines come together in a space agency. In our Space Agency, we also deal with content from mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, coding and technology.

Information at first hand

Our students have the opportunity to visit a space agency. They can observe the work of scientists, exchange ideas and learn at close quarters.

Practical experience with project work

As part of the Space Agency, students are given a specific project goal in the field of space travel. They have to organize themselves and have around three months to achieve the result in teams.

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