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  • Interdisciplinary
  • Innovative
  • Close to life

Self-determined learning for a successful future

Independence, resilience and a positive approach to mistakes are central to our middle school. After all, these are the best foundations for personal success and exceptional academic performance.

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  • Bilingual
  • Individual learning pace
  • Sekundarstufe and Gymnasium
  • Flexible learning management system
  • Interdisciplinary and project-orientated teaching


Drive and curiosity, self-organisation and self-reflection, communication and critical thinking paired with creativity – these skills are crucial for a successful future.

For this reason, our bilingual middle school has been intentionally structured to encourage exploration, foster discovery, and facilitate hands-on experiences.

We motivate our students across all school levels to take their learning into their own hands and encourage independence and autonomy. Middle school is a time of great leaps in development, which each child masters at their own pace. Our teachers meet our students where they are in their learning enabling them to learn together whether they are in the Sekundarstufe or Gymansium.  Each student knows their next steps and what is required to reach their goal which also supports a smooth transition to another school, be it in Switzerland or abroad.

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Zaida Hundegger

Promoting the intellectual and emotional development of our students is at the centre of our middle school curriculum. In addition to the psychological aspects of learning, we also focus on developmental psychology, which is particularly important at this age. For example, the learners are supported by personal coaches.

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We prepare our students for their future in the best possible way and do not limit ourselves to teaching the prescribed curricula. We not only want to challenge and inspire our students academically by providing them with the conditions they need to excel in their education but support them in developing the necessary skills for life beyond OBS.

Our commitment to shaping well-rounded, forward-thinking individuals is evident in the innovative curriculum areas in our school.

Cultivating Curiosity and Courage in Education

Our committed teachers establish environments conducive to positive learning experiences. They offer support, motivation, and inspiration, fostering a space where learners feel empowered to experiment with innovative solutions and embrace risk-taking. Emphasis is placed on the holistic learning journey: students are involved in active engagement sessions (inputs and outputs) , they collaborate on group projects and interdisciplinary studies, and they hone their learning outcomes through peer and self-evaluations. This approach not only nurtures their autonomy but also enhances their ability to self-direct their educational paths.

At the end of year 9, students decide whether to take the federal Matura or the IB. In navigating this decision, educators and mentors provide invaluable guidance, assisting students in a comprehensive self-evaluation of their abilities and aspirations. This tailored support incorporates an analysis of personal strengths, areas for growth, and individual ambitions, such as prospective international studies or specific career paths, ensuring recommendations are well-aligned with each student’s future objectives.


We use a digital learning management system that helps students manage their studies based on their individual needs. This system houses all the learning materials, which students can access from anywhere, making it easy for them to get ready for classes, work on learning activities, or go over past materials, including from previous years, no matter where they are in the world. We also have set times in the timetable for Individualised Learning Time (ILZ), giving students regular opportunities to concentrate on their particular learning needs and interests and to have more control over their learning.


While we adhere to the Swiss Lehrplan 21, our vision extends well beyond its limits. This is why we’ve crafted a forward-thinking curriculum that emphasizes media and film, oceanography, and space studies, preparing our students for the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow.


We closely monitor the entire learning process, which is evident in our teaching methodology. Our lessons are structured into phases of information delivery and application, we tackle educational content through a multidisciplinary lens, and we provide avenues for feedback and reflection.


Our students develop and practice essential skills to include critical thinking, creativity, adaptability and emotional intelligence, digital and financial literacy, global awareness, problem-solving, entrepreneurship and leadership skills.

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Our middle school team

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Clubs & Activities

Our students have many interests. We promote these with an extensive range of clubs.

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