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At OBS we are passionate about our responsibility to prepare our students to thrive in an increasingly dynamic, globalised and digital world.

Emerging technologies provide unlimited possibilities for exciting new discoveries and developments for the youth of today. We believe that through focusing on the individual needs and interests of the whole child in a stimulating and supportive learning environment, collaborating with the whole school community and constantly reflecting on the teaching and learning taking place, that we can create modern life-long learners; students who are able to take advantage of the opportunities and challenges ahead of them in the areas of new energy technologies, medical advancements, modernisation of media and the arts as well as communication and environmental exploration.

Our responsibility is to support, encourage and stretch our students academically and holistically across the full range of the bilingual curriculum, both during the school day and as part of our rich offering of extended services and early and late care. In addition to the core areas of Language and Media, Science and Technology (1:1 iPad school), Mathematics and Sports, a special emphasis is given to developing creativity and problem-solving techniques, environmental and health subjects. This broad cross-curricular approach enables us to meet the needs of each student, encouraging them to embrace challenges with joy and enthusiasm, work together and build leadership as well as personal, academic, creative and practical life skills that help ensure a bright future through their own personal development.

Our students are encouraged to strive for excellence in all that they do on their way to becoming responsible international citizens who contribute successfully to a challenging, multicultural and multilingual business and world community.

We offer:

The OBS team of certified and experienced teachers and staff members create and maintain a trusting, supportive and professional team-work atmosphere that encourages innovation, dedication to the school’s values and continual professional development. We waken curiosity and critical thinking by encouraging students to learn by doing, through exploration and active research. Inspiring and flexible learning environments, advanced technologies and ever-present sustainability positively support our students’ education.

For our youngest children, the International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC) provides an innovative and holistic learning process. At the Kindergarten and Primary School levels, we combine competencies from Lehrplan 21 – the Swiss National Curriculum – with learning goals of the International Primary Curriculum (IPC). Our Upper School aligns competencies from Lehrplan 21 with the learning goals of the International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC).

At OBS we value small class sizes that enable teachers to bring out the potential of each child. Students enjoy sharing ideas and learning from their peers within a structured yet flexible environment. Within these small classes, students are given opportunities to take on responsibility for themselves, personalized challenges and to develop their understanding of the OBS Universe of Values.

In choosing bilingual education for your child, you not only access educational benefits but you give your child an advantage in the increasingly competitive workplace. Bilingual teaching and learning is implemented across all school levels in a way to best meet the developmental needs of the students.

We are proud of the quality of our bilingual education. Children who require additional English or German language support are supported directly in the classroom or taught in small groups outside the classroom.

When a child has specific learning needs, individual assessments are made and additional support scheduled, either within the school or through external partners.

Our parents are vital partners in the work we do. It is important that we build a firm relationship between home and school in order to really understand each individual child and to maximise opportunities for our students. Parent conferences take place at least once a year and parents are encouraged to contact their child’s teacher or coach over any question or concern. Parents are a valued part of the school community and are encouraged to take part in school events and to help live and instill the OBS Universe of Values

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