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The world is constantly changing – today faster than yesterday and tomorrow more rapidly than today. The changes require new skills and behaviors for our careers and private lives. Our children will have to adapt to changes and challenges even faster than we do. They will have to solve problems that we are not even aware of today. Critical and creative thinking, the ability to innovate and solve problems, endurance, assertiveness and teamwork will be just as critical for success as being fluent in several different languages. Equally important are competencies in sciences, coding, robotics, digital media, computer design and much more.

Reliable findings and predictions exist regarding the main development trends for many areas of life up to the year 2050. Based on these findings, we can deduce which competencies today’s children will need 20 years from now to be successful in the world of tomorrow.

You would like to prepare your child (or your children) for the future in the best possible way? Welcome to OBS, where your child’s future-oriented learning journey begins.

As a bilingual private school, OBS offers far more than lessons taught by native speakers in German and English. We provide an education guided by scientific findings and recommendations. It is both future-oriented and highly relevant for real world challenges. The students learn in an international environment from pre-kindergarten up to their Matura or their International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB) and are supported in their goals and strengths. They not only become experts in key technologies for the future but also learn important social skills.

The most important aspect for the students: School at OBS is fun. When your child is happy at school, learning comes easily. Our goal is to support each student individually in his or her strengths and passions so that our students are optimally prepared for their personal journey and their future.

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