“E-Sport” is a form of sport competition using video games, while “Gaming Appreciation” is about learning the story of the games we played, are playing, and will play in the future. Together, we will venture into the world of gaming, past and present, looking at what made these games special, and the development that is happening, leading to the games we will play in the future. The aim of the club is to learn, play, discuss, practise, and strategise our way through to completing our gaming goals… and passing the next level! 

Topics Include: 

Nutrition and fitness of professional gamers

Daily routine of an esports pro

Space Invaders, Pick a path, and Game art. 

2 Dimensional games, and Game music. 

Types of video games, and what makes us like them. 

Game strategy and communication 

Working and Gaming as a team 

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  • Language: English
  • Monday, 4 – 5pm
  • Level: Grade 4 – Grade 6
  • Price: 35 CHF / lesson
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