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Fostering Curiosity and Confidence in Primary Education

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In our primary school, the emphasis is on nurturing a passion for learning, cultivating curiosity, building self-confidence, and encouraging personal growth. Students are guided in employing academic resources effectively to refine their skills and explore their interests.

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  • Children from 6 to 10 years
  • Bilingual
  • Learning in small groups (teachers and students in a ratio of 1:9)


We view education as a journey of discovery and an opportunity for self-growth. In the primary years, each day brims with opportunities to excel, adapt to the ever-evolving digital landscape, and master it with competence and confidence. Our dedication lies in providing an educational experience that is not only thorough and practical but also reflective of the complexities of the real world, all while cultivating a progressive mindset. We regard education as an exploratory voyage and a period of personal development. At the primary level, each day is filled with chances to thrive, adapt to the dynamic digital age, and learn to move through it with skill and confidence. We are committed to an education that is comprehensive, practical, and mirrors real-world experiences while fostering a forward-looking mindset.

Critical learning experiences begin early in a child’s educational journey. It is through play, enjoyment, creative exploration, and an eager curiosity that foundational knowledge and skills are developed. These elements are significant in shaping how students grasp, embrace, and acquire knowledge and skills. Moreover, they play a decisive role in forming positive attitudes towards learning that students carry with them into the future


Our educational programme is distinguished by its rigorous academic standards, blending the Swiss national curriculum (LP21) with a global perspective to thoroughly equip our students for a future in a rapidly changing world. This includes offering them valuable insights from both research and practical applications. We enrich their learning by organising exciting field trips, encouraging community involvement, and promoting interactive learning opportunities. These experiences allow our students to practically apply the knowledge they have acquired in authentic situations.


We are sure that an open and proactive view of the future is of the utmost importance for today’s children and young people. The primary school experience is a foundation for current and future learning and fosters essential qualities and mindsets that prepare our students for future opportunities.

Our educational philosophy is rooted in a forward-looking approach, where fundamental academic skills are deemed essential. We emphasize the intensive and regular practice of reading, writing, and arithmetic as these skills are an essential foundation for a broad range of competencies. Incorporating new media and technologies into our curriculum complements traditional learning methods, such as ensuring proficient handwriting

We are convinced that adopting an open and proactive outlook is crucial for the growth and development of today’s children and adolescents. The primary school journey sets the stage for both present and future academic endeavors, nurturing critical qualities and thought processes that prime our students for the opportunities that lie ahead.


Our committed teaching staff serve both as knowledgeable instructors and supportive mentors, steering every student’s learning path with empathy and understanding within a welcoming and supportive atmosphere.


Through innovative teaching methods and a curriculum that incorporates new technologies and encourages critical thinking, we ensure that your child is well-prepared for the challenges and opportunities of the future.


We nurture the potential of each child and equip them with the analogue and digital skills and knowledge they need to succeed in a rapidly changing environment.

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