Kindergarden & Primary School to 2nd Grade

Playing, learning and discovering the world

Kindergarten at OBS is truly a part of the Primary School. The department takes pride in its responsibility to accompany all students through the developmental stages between the ages of 4 and 6. Children’s young personalities, individual strengths and interests really begin to solidify while they are discovering and experimenting with their role in the community and wider world.

We facilitate each child’s social, personal and academic progress through these exciting developmental milestones. We encourage our students to reach their fullest potential. Kindergarten students reach different developmental milestones at different times which is why we pay special attention and work closely with parents in setting personal, social or academic goals.

Creative collaboration of our teaching team, small class sizes, stimulating classrooms and carefully selected teaching and learning activities ensure that we create an ideal environment for Kindergarten students to discover, learn and explore and confidently ready themselves for the rest of their life-long educational journey.

Fostering an Early Bilingual Learning Environment

We welcome all children into our Kindergarten, regardless of their language background. All cultures and language are celebrated in our classrooms, and provide us with teaching and learning opportunities to broaden an understanding of the world around us.

Our Kindergarten and SEN team offers specialist small group support in English and German language acquisition for children who need it. This provides a safe and unintimidating environment for language learning. Each Kindergarten class is taught on alternate weeks by their native English and German speaking teachers, who are supported by our dedicated team of Kindergarten assistants.

While English and German instruction change on a weekly basis, the children are exposed to both languages every day through joint class activities, collaboration with other primary school class and our wider school community. This promotes the important development of a high standard of language skills and confidence in both English and German. Through speaking, singing, poems, stories and role-play, the children acquire a rich, bilingual vocabulary.

Our Kindergarten Programme and Facilities

Our theme-based Kindergarten programme, as with the rest of the Primary School curriculum, uniquely combines the competencies of Lehrplan 21 and the International Primary Curriculum. We provide a holistic education, placing great emphasis on social, personal and academic competencies.

We offer a multitude of carefully guided child-centered activities. These interchange with creative free play and opportunities for independent learning.

The world around us is constantly changing and at a fast pace. We provide your child with all the necessary core skills to successfully negotiate the challenges of an exciting, yet varied future.

Through cross-curricular teaching and learning students will be exposed to mathematical and scientific subjects, and will have the opportunity to express his or her creativity through arts and crafts, music and sports. Our high-quality learning materials support the joy of experimentation.

Throughout the two years that children spend in Kindergarten, early literacy skills are developed through the introduction of phonetic-awareness teaching and learning activities. On the English side, we use the Jolly Phonics system to guide our early literacy program. On the German side, the Leseschlau early literacy program is used. Once Kindergarten children have developed a solid phonological awareness, students are supported and encouraged to further develop their literacy skills through a variety of focused and cross-curricular activities.

Exercise and Fun Outdoors

Once a week Kindergarten students take part in physical education classes in the nearby sports hall. The equipment and activities provide children teaching and learning activities that focus on the development of gross motor skills, teamwork and self-discipline.  In addition, each Kindergarten class visits the OBS movement room at least once a week for the further development of gross motor skills and creative movement.
We attach great deal of importance to outdoor teaching and learning opportunities. A nearby forest, a large playground and the school’s own play-areas act as extension to our already stimulating learning environment.

Our forest program is held in autumn and spring. Students gain increasing awareness of the changes in the natural world around them, help to build and cook on a fire and take advantage of the teaching and learning opportunities on offer in the natural world around them.

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