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  • Close to nature
  • explorative
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Time for growth, curiosity & enthusiasm

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In the formative years of kindergarten, we establish the cornerstone for a lifelong love of learning. It’s within this special space that we cultivate boundless opportunities for creative expression, inquisitive exploration, and meaningful collaboration.

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At a glance

  • Children from 4 to 6 years
  • Bilingual right from the start
  • Close to nature
  • Playful learning
  • 4 Teachers and 4 Assistants
  • State-recognized and certified

Free development, safe environment

Kindergarten serves as a critical period for shaping a child’s future, establishing the foundations for a dynamic and fulfilling educational experience. In this time, children engage with their environment, unveil the wonders of the world, and carve out their own space in it. Acknowledging the significance of these early years, we have crafted an environment that nurtures well-being and stimulates natural curiosity, artistic expression, and a deep-seated love for discovery and learning.


Our bilingual approach, ensures that our students are proficient in German and English from an early age. With personalised care from our dedicated educators, we craft an immersive linguistic atmosphere that promotes active communication and analytical skills across both languages. We celebrate the cultural diversity inherent in German and English, incorporating global customs and traditions to cultivate international mindfulness.


Play forms the cornerstone of our educational methodology. Our kindergarteners are immersed in an environment that prioritises playful inquiry, sparking their innate curiosity to learn, craft, and engage actively. Fundamental skills in reading, writing, and mathematics are woven into these activities, making their acquisition a natural and fluid process. Scientific explorations and a variety of artistic endeavours are included in our themes.

We are committed to fostering well-rounded growth, which means we also purposefully nurture key social and emotional competencies, such as empathy, resilience, and the ability to form positive connections. Encouraging independence is at the heart of our approach.


Motor skill refinement is a critical component of our curriculum, aimed at enhancing both fine and gross motor abilities that lay the foundation for academic success and physical development in later years.

Our kindergarten programme deeply values the connection with the natural environment. Students are encouraged to explore and appreciate the outdoors through a variety of activities, including gardening, forest adventures, and participation in eco-friendly projects, fostering an early sense of environmental responsibility.


In our kindergarten, we foster a nurturing and values-driven environment. It is essential for us to interact with integrity, openess, and respect. That’s why we communicate our values naturally and playfully – for example, when eating together or during circle time. This benefits our kindergarten children, who learn to behave confidently and appropriately in social situations.

OBS Kindergarten transcends the traditional educational framework. We are a thriving community of parents, educators and children who share a common goal: to create a nurturing environment where each child’s unique learning journey thrives. Parental involvement is not just welcomed but is a vital aspect of our collaborative approach to enriching your children’s journey.


Our facilities combine modern architecture and age-appropriate comfort to create a safe and stimulating environment for the development of our kindergarten children.

Discover the environment

Experiencing nature is one of the elementary experiences of kindergarten age. That’s why we spend a lot of time outdoors, have regular forest days and carry out environmental projects together.

Playful learning

Our kindergarten children acquire their first skills in traditional cultural techniques such as reading, writing and arithmetic through play. We implement practical projects that are fun and motivate them to be active and creative.

Our kindergarten Team

Clubs & Activities

Our pupils have many interests. We promote these with an extensive range of clubs.

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