Inspired by Seneca, my educational philosophy centres around the idea that children should learn not only for school but for life. As an educator, my goal is not to teach for my own success or to simply convey a specific curriculum, but to provide experiences that enable students to thrive in their lives. I believe in teaching for life, not just for school or grades.

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Lessons for life

To that end, I prioritise the development of positive character traits, skills, and competencies such as self-control, a love for learning and life, curiosity, freedom of expression, and a focus on meeting individual needs, rather than solely imparting factual knowledge.

Relationships as the key to success

I also believe that relationships are the foundation of learning and teaching. Therefore, my primary objective is to establish deep, positive relationships with my students. I strive to create an environment in which students feel comfortable, safe, and supported. By fostering a love of learning and creating a supportive and secure atmosphere, I believe that students will be best able to realise their potential and achieve their goals.

Above all, I prioritise the joy of learning. It is my belief that only by cultivating an environment in which students enjoy learning, where the school becomes a second home, can they truly succeed in their school careers.