Advanced Learner Status and Coaching

At OBS, we foster a culture where students are encouraged to actively engage in their own learning process. We recognise self-determination as a significant element in the journey toward achieving success.

Knowledge does not expand in isolation merely by presentation; it thrives when nurtured in the right environment, developing depth and establishing new connections. To support this we have developed a system to include coaching and the concept of the advanced learner which aim to enhance the educational framework and support our students’ growth.


Our aim is for our students to take control of their lives, shape them, and seize and create opportunities. This can only succeed if they can make conscious decisions, self-reflect, and adapt to the demands of our modern world. The path to this is individual. That is why we adapt our learning conditions for every student – not vice versa.


While some young people can take responsibility for their learning and the choices they make in their behaviour and interactions with others relatively quickly, others need more time, guidance and advice.

From Year 7 our students can apply to become an Advanced Learner. This describes a status that allows a great deal of freedom in everyday school life. Advanced learners have proven that they can handle this freedom – in fact, they can use it to their advantage. They can take the initiative, achieve goals and make good decisions. This is why they can decide where they learn at school and whether they attend the lesson input because they know best how to use their time efficiently.

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Competences of Advanced Learners

  • Strong organisational skills
  • Good time management skills
  • Focus and skilled learning techniques
  • Ability to set realistic but ambitious objectives
  • Healthy screen time
  • Conflict resolution skills and the ability to reflect
  • Self-awareness

The advantages are clear: experience shows that advanced learner status goes hand in hand with a strong sense of responsibility and a willingness to commit. Academic achievement is experienced as a personal success – and this self-affirmation motivates the students. Of course, our advanced learners also receive coaching along the way: they meet monthly with peers and a learning coach to review their learning and learning  strategies and attend master courses to further strengthen  their academic, social and emotional skills.


Students not yet ready to be an advanced learner receive individualised time and attention from a personal coach. This focused support aims to reinforce their growth socially, emotionally, and academically. Working together, the personal coaches and students carefully review academic progress, craft personalised learning plans, tackle unique challenges, and set distinct targets to support them in their overall development and to prepare them to apply for advanced learner status.