Equipped for the future

Beyond academic knowledge, it’s the mastery of meta-skills like self-management, decisiveness, and effective communication that will significantly shape the professional futures of our children.

While a solid foundation of factual knowledge remains critical, the ability to adapt is paramount in a world where long-standing notions of job security are being replaced by ever-evolving demands. Students today need to be agile, ready to acquire new skills and move between roles and projects with ease as the rapid pace of technological advancement and market shifts can quickly render certain skills redundant.


Adaptability is becoming a necessary skill as change dominates our world. Mosaic careers are becoming the norm for Generation Alpha: career paths are becoming more diverse. They are no longer linear and, above all, unpredictable. The willingness to constantly reinvent oneself and acquire new skills will be crucial to survive and be successful and self-determined.


Meta-skills are central to preparing for this constantly changing world of work. These skills provide stability in uncertain times and enable effective collaboration in human-machine teams. They preserve the competitive advantage of people over increasingly powerful technologies and help individuals manage change, maintain productivity and keep their inner balance. Staying mentally alert is a constant challenge – a challenge that will only increase in the future.


At OBS, our educational philosophy extends beyond the mastery of traditional academic skills to include the cultivation of strategic thinking, empathy, and technological expertise. We recognise these abilities as invaluable for our students’ futures, empowering them to transform challenges into opportunities with greater proficiency.


Self-management emphasises effective learning strategies for replacing obsolete knowledge, maintaining inner stability, acting in alignment with values and ethical principles, and boosting productivity, for instance, by mitigating procrastination

Fostering Adaptive Intelligence and Resilience

At OBS we focus on the development of self-empathy, fostering intellectual curiosity and humility, building resilience in the face of setbacks, critically evaluating information and statements, and promoting perseverance and commitment, alongside adaptability.


Developing empathy for others, collaborating effectively with diverse groups, honing strong communication skills, forging deep interpersonal relationships, mastering the ability to both seek and offer support, and encouraging the taking of initiative are all part of effective teamwork.


Our curriculum emphasises the safe and responsible use of technology, fostering collaboration through technological tools, harnessing the combined intelligence of humans and machines, and promoting a healthy relationship with technology.


The corporate governance element of our instruction focuses on decision-making in uncertain situations, navigating diverse perspectives, as well as fostering strategic and creative thinking.


Cultivating a positive approach to mistakes, focusing on finding solutions, self-reflection, and inner fortitude, along with maintaining a healthy sense of optimism during crises, learning from setbacks, and having the courage to embrace opportunities and challenges are all part of an education at OBS.