Being a teacher is like being a…

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… Gardener

First of all: each student has to learn by him*herself. There is no such thing like the “Nürnberger Trichter” in no way.

As a gardener I care for each student as a single plant and for the group of them as a whole garden.

I am not a farmer producing crops in a monocultural way. Instead, I provide an area to grow for different plants in the style of an English park: planted nature. Each plant needs her own setting (space, light, water, air, fertilizer, cuts etc.)

During the growth I have to spot bad influences from diseases or insects (external influences), cut sometimes a plant to have it grow in a meaningful manner. In single cases I have to re-plant a plant to a different spot.

When I am doing right, I enjoy all the popping flowers, colours and smells.

… Policeman

During an exam I act as policemen. Some advice is ok, but no disrespect of the rules.

… Father

In lower grades the students sometimes need a shoulder to lean on. Or one single distinct way to do something. As a father I do it with a lot of understanding and love. The students remember me being a child myself, so I can evaluate what would be sensible advice.

If there is a “no-go” happening, as a father I am in the role to correct when needed, but in a constructive manner.

… Wizard

To motivate the student, I act as a wizard with fireworks, explosives, hidden thinking paths, surprising turns etc.

They don’t have the full big picture yet, so I lead them on safe tacks through dark forests, chilling openings and dangers.

… Sport Trainer

To establish skills there is need for drill sometimes. Little steps or short sequences have to be practiced to achieve speed and success.

A very important training unit is to purposely make a mistake or to try to break something (e.g. how strong is a test tube in chemistry).

… Human Being

In my humble opinion the very first step as a teacher is to build up a relationship somehow. For this I show myself as a normal human being. I try to be reliable for every student, to answer even personal questions honestly, share my opinions and distinguish them from facts.

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