Swiss Federal Baccalaureate

Academic certificate at an excellent level.

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The Swiss Federal Baccalaureate is recognised as proof of a high-quality education and opens up a whole range of professional and university opportunities for students.

Barbara Winkler

The Swiss Federal Baccalaureate is particularly broad-based and emphasises academic excellence and a wide range of knowledge.

After completing Year 9, our students choose one of two possible further education programmes: The Swiss Federal Matura or the IB Diploma. The two qualifications offer very different content and opportunities – those who want to prepare specifically for further studies in Switzerland usually opt for the Federal Matura.

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At a glance:

  • State-controlled
  • Standardised curriculum
  • Access to all Swiss universities
  • Duration 3.5 -7 years (short-term or long-term grammar school)
  • Broad range of subjects, including maths, IT, languages, natural sciences, humanities/social sciences, art and music

The state-controlled federal baccalaureate is the most prestigious qualification in Switzerland, marking the successful completion of grammar school education. It is comparable to the Abitur in Germany or the Matura in Austria. It serves as an entry ticket to colleges and universities. It ensures that students have achieved a high-calibre level of education required for university entrance. A wide range of subjects are covered, including languages, natural sciences, humanities, computer science and maths, as well as art or music.


The Matura curriculum offers students exciting learning experiences and the opportunity to focus intensively on essential topics for the future in the form of specialisation and supplementary subjects. All the basics required for the final examinations are taught in a targeted manner. We also prioritise individualised support and guidance for students, along with an intensive, tailored preparation phase leading up to the final examinations.

The curriculum for the Federal Baccalaureate is comprehensive in terms of content – students are prepared for further university studies in the best possible way. Our graduates, therefore, have an excellent general education and are prepared at OBS to apply this knowledge. We teach a wide range of subjects in an applied and practice-orientated way so that students can deal with complex issues appropriately and acquire an analytical and solution-oriented way of thinking. The OBS timetable includes physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, computer science, German, English, French, Latin, history, geography, economics and law, music or art, as well as the specialisation subjects of physics and applied mathematics, biology and chemistry, economics and law. There are also supplementary subjects, which are offered depending on student interest.


Teaching in the Matura classes at the OBS is organised bilingually, just as in all other classes. In the bilingual Matura examinations, the main subjects are in German, and the examinations in geography, history and the supplementary subjects of economics and law, biology or philosophy are held orally in English and several languages. Students write an independent and comprehensive Matura paper, which they also present, and choose a specialisation area (Biology & Chemistry, Physics and Applied Mathematics (PAM) or Economics and Law). The Matura serves as a testament to the students’ overall academic and social maturity. It grants them eligibility to pursue studies across various disciplines (subject to numerus clausus restrictions) at Swiss universities and many international institutions.


In addition to training in academic skills, we at OBS also recognise the importance of personal and social skills. A whole range of values are actively practised at our school – self-efficacy, openness, empathy and the well-being of the individual are certainly among them.