Euler Club, Maths Program

Euler Club, Maths Program

Euler Club, Maths Program is designed for students to have strong fundamentals and sharp skills. The students explore and grow further in various areas and learn the tactics practiced in Competitive Mathematic exams. In the first part of each lesson, fun games, puzzles (2D and 3D) and strategic thinking games are introduced to promote logical thinking and spatial imagination. The second part focuses on various areas of Mathematics, mental calculations, methods of fast computation and more. The student brings home the 3D puzzle on completion.

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  • Language: English
  • Monday, 4 – 5pm (Grade 5 – Grade 6)
  • Thursday, 4 – 5pm (Grade 5 – Grade 6)
  • Level: Grade 4 – Grade 6
  • For other grades, extra tuition etc. please contact us directly at:
  • Price: 40 CHF / lesson
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