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Coding & Robotics

Teaching coding has only recently become an indispensable part of a school’s curriculum, yet modern robotics began in the early 1950’s. There is an urgent need for today’s students to learn how to code and programme robots. Technology is everywhere and coding is in every field and industry, including medicine, education, transport, agriculture and the food industry to name a few. The demand for skills to be able to succeed in a STEM-related jobs are critical for the future. A big percentage of the workforce will be replaced by robots, but someone needs to know how to code and program them. However, coding a multi-disciplinary field that includes science, technology, engineering and mathematics, offers much more than that. Students who learn how to code will strengthen their critical thinking skills, develop increased logical and analytical thinking skills, and be prepared for a future where Artificial Intelligence will play a huge role. Interacting with robots creates an exciting and fun learning environment making the classes seem less like learning and more like playing.

At OBS your child will learn how to code as soon as they enter Primary School firstly by playing programming games (without a computer) and then moving on to exploring the concept of sequencing steps and decisions using “Bee-Bots”. Your child will work in a group to solve progressively more complex routes using grids on paper or mapped out routes on the floor. As they enter first grade they will start to learn how to code using a simple drag and drop platform and as their skills develop, as they progress through Primary and into Middle School, they will move on to a higher level where they will be able to practice writing their own code and programming their own software or robots. Our goal is to prepare those students with a real passion and skill for coding to be able to gain entry to specialist coding universities.