During my teaching as an Aikido instructor at OBS, I have come to recognise the profound alignment between Aikido and the educational goals of OBS in shaping responsible individuals who are well-educated, well-behaved, balanced, strong-willed, and kind-hearted.

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Holistic Aikido training: mind and body in harmony.

To ensure a well-rounded experience for students during Aikido lessons, I implement two aspects of training in each session. The first aspect, which we refer to as mental training, encompasses elements such as meditation, focus, maintaining proper posture, displaying respectful attitudes, enhancing listening and memorisation skills, problem-solving, and spatial awareness. The second aspect consists of physical training, including basic fitness exercises, rolling skills, stretching, coordinated movements of the hands and legs, and, for older students, the acquisition of foundational sword techniques. By incorporating both mental and physical training, students are able to cultivate a harmonious equilibrium between mental fortitude and physical strength.

Discipline, unity and growth.

From the very onset of Aikido instruction, I place great emphasis on cultivating discipline. Discipline engenders a sense of order, security, and trust both within the individual student and within the larger group. By instilling the spirit of unity in oneself (mind and body) and fostering a sense of community among classmates, Aikido serves as a powerful vehicle for building discipline skills. In every class, I strive to create a positive and supportive environment that promotes healthy growth and development through well-structured challenges.

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Meine Kurse

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