“Longum iter est per praecepta, breve et efficax per exempla.” – Seneca
Teaching by precept is a long road, but brief and beneficial is the way by example.

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Teachers as role models

My educational philosophy as a teacher emphasises the importance of leading by example. I believe that there are two ways students can achieve learning success: either they learn by thinking for themselves while I, as their coach, support, guide and motivate them, or they learn by ‘imitating’ me in learning environments while I demonstrate my values, beliefs and behaviours through actions. This approach allows students to witness firsthand the practical application of the very concepts that I am trying to teach. My goal as a teacher is, therefore, not only to impart knowledge and skills to my students but also to inspire and guide them towards becoming better individuals. By setting a positive example, I hope to instil values and beliefs that will help the students lead fulfilling and meaningful lives, both personally and professionally.